Saturday, February 16, 2019

A Valentine's Day Baby Card

A co worker had a baby on Valentine's day and I needed a card.  I am currently obsessing over easel cards, so I pulled out the Cricut DS and Anna Griffin paper and made a card.  I am going to share this for the Bitten by the Bug 2 Valentine's Hearts challenge because he was born on Valentine's day!

You can find the Cricut DS file if you like here.  You will need Reminisce Accents, New Arrivals, Anna's Lace Cards, Close to my Heart Flower Market, and Lacy Labels and a printer.  You will need a scoring wheel or just remove the dashed line in the card base.

To assemble the card, fold the top portion of the card base in half across the top, along the scored line, matching right side of the paper to right side of the paper.  Add stork layer and light blue layer on top of dark blue layer.  Add to the green circle and glue the top half of the green circle to the top of the card base, matching wrong side of the card base to the wrong side of the green circle.

Sunday, December 16, 2018

A Custom Gift Box with Anna Griffin

Every year we have a Secret Santa gift exchange at work.  Our exchange covers three work days and a final gift at the staff party.  The three day gifts are small items, and I needed a special box for K-Cups.  I found a beautiful box in Design Space by Anna Griffin.  The sample is in gold, but I am obsessed with silver!

I am entering this in the Fantabulous Cricut Challenge blogs, Challenge 341 Christmas.  The cartridge used is Anna's Holiday Home Decor.  I used Anna's Silver Glitter paper and LOVE how it cuts in my Cricut!  Using 12 x 12 paper and the default box size, this box will fit 3 K-cups.

Thursday, November 22, 2018

Three Ways to Make Reading Part of Your Family's Holidays

As I unpacked the holiday decor this year, I ran across some of my family's holiday books and it inspired me to share with you some ways to make reading part of your family's holiday traditions.

  1. Read aloud count down-Growing up my father would start reading "A Christmas Carol" sometime around Thanksgiving and finishing by Christmas eve.  It became such a favorite that most of  us, were able to quote the opening paragraph.  You can see our well loved copy taped together above.
  2. Make the old new-My mother-in-law found this advent calendar and bought it for my boys when they were young.  I loved having a new way to share my family tradition with the boys and my young sons were obsessed with this every year.  We enjoyed a portion of the story every night just as I did with an interactive book they could take out and hold and then put a way.  
  3. Start a new tradition and have your own Jolabokaflod!  Give everyone a new book on Christmas eve to read.  My children nag every Christmas eve to open just one item under the tree.  This year, they will each be allowed to open a book to read before bed. When my boys were young, I started a tradition of only giving my boys three gifts (as baby Jesus got three) and there was always something from Santa.  Now I can keep the presents to a minimum and still share a love for reading!
By making reading part of your families holiday tradition, you show the value of reading and make it part of their fond holiday memories.  It's also a wonderful way to bond and de-stress during the craziness of the holidays!  Remember, "Children are made readers on the laps of their parents."  Emilie Buchwold.

Sunday, September 9, 2018

Toadstool Box for #mybookfair

Last year, I took a position as a grade school librarian.  I also get to host our Scholastic book fairs.  I love the decorating and craft portions of the fair and this year, I wanted a fairy garden to use for decoration and promoting the event in our teachers lounge.  So, I found a toadstool box at  I found several on the Internet, but I needed a more simple box so I can make more decorations! 

I did not cut an overlay, but used a printed paper instead.  I also do not have an embossing machine, so I just used a Close to my Heart Shimmer pen on a dry embossed paper.  The center of my flowers are The Robin's Nest White Seeds.  I used a door and window from Cricut Design space. butal the rest is

I have to give a shout out to Fleurette, who helped my through my user error with the download of this file.  I did not know how to unzip a file and she was very patient with me and made sure that there was nothing wrong with the file first.  Thank you Fleurette!

Sunday, August 26, 2018

K-Cup Teacher Appreciation Gift

I thought it would be nice to let the teachers know how much I appreciate them at the start of the year.   The Cricut Design Space has the cutest apple rosettes in the Scoring Wheel Rosettes cartridge.  I didn't want to make the box because it would take too much paper and I wanted to keep the cost down.  So I used the smaller apple in the cut and created a little tag that says you are awesome to the core.  I also created the wrap as a rectangle with score marks.  You can find the file here.

I loved using the scoring wheel for this project, but found my older computer did not do well with the score marks unless I had ONLY the design space open.  So, if you are like me and want to multitask while your Cricut Maker is scoring and cutting, use your phone for checking email or Facebook.

I was so impressed with how well the Cricut Maker cuts copy paper!  This will save me money on projects like this where I need a print and cut label.

Sunday, August 5, 2018

My First Cricut Maker Sewing Project

I recently purchased the Cricut Maker when HSN had the machine with knife blade and scoring wheels for the same price as the Cricut Maker alone.  I saw a challenge giveaway on the Face Book CricutMaker SewSpecial Group for some Riley Blake Fabric and decided it was time to pull it out of the box.  But what to make first?  

My niece recently turned 3 and one of her presents was her first doll.  She was so excited to play with the doll and wanted to change her clothes.  The first thing she asked for was pajamas.  Hey, I want to get into my PJ's first thing too!  So I got it!  I used a Simplicity pattern on the Cricut site and found the price reasonable.  Here is the doll dress on an American Girl Doll, Kit.

Setting up the machine was easy and quick.  Swapping blades was simple and quick too!  I loved how it cut and found some great articles on mat care everyone should read.  Forget everything you know about your other Cricut mats and your quilting self healing mats and read the article at Hey Let's Create Stuff here.  Here's the summary:

  • Don't scrape the mat clean!  You will remove the adhesive.
  • Thread on the mat is ok.
  • Pick up your fabric off the mat with tweezers instead of your spatula or scrapper.
  • Keep your hands off the mat because oils and dirt will lessen it's holding power.
I was so excited to get started that I couldn't wait to get a 12 x 24 pink mat.  I used the 12 x 12 pink mat that came with the machine for the collar, but needed the longer mat for the dress front and back pieces.  So, I tried a green mat and it worked.  You can use the green mat if you have no pink fabric mat, but paper fiber on your older mats will dull your blade, so ONLY use a new green mat if you have one or just make the trip to the store.  I could not find any information about why else you want to use the pink mat vs. the green mat.

I made a few changes to the Simplicity pattern instructions.  I added interfacing to the collar.  It wasn't needed and became a bit bulky because I fused before I cut, so both top and bottom layers had interfacing.  I also, can't find my manual with buttonhole instructions for my 1990's sewing machine and decided to just use velcro.

I had trouble viewing every page of my Simplicity pdf sewing instructions, but quitting Cricut Design Space and reopening the pdf resolved the problem.  I called the help desk and they told me to clear my cache and cookies but I got disconnected and wasn't sure how to do so.  Thankfully, closing and reopening resolved the problem quickly.  I like that I can just view the pdf on my computer and not print out the pattern and waste paper.  And I don't have to store patterns I want to reuse.  This makes me very happy too!

So, will I use my Cricut Maker in future sewing projects?  Yes, I would love to try a quilt and see how I like it for cutting blocks.  And I make sewing patterns, so the idea of using Design Space to make and sew things really appeals to me too!  And if this doll nightgown is a hit, there will be a bunch of Christmas sewing going on.  

I have already started working on my next Cricut Maker Project and I can't wait to use my knife blade for an Advent Calendar project.  I want to make a back to school teacher's good box with the scoring wheels...oh, if I could only find the time for all my ideas!

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Christmas in July Challenge

I still have Christmas card photos to scrapbook, so I was so excited to see that Bitten by the Bug 2 had a Christmas in July Challenge!  I pulled out my Anna Griffin paper, for the background and my Anna Griffin Cricut Cartridges for the cuts, a few extra embellishments left over from Anna's Christmas card kit and the page is done!  Thanks BBTB2 and Anna Griffin!

I used antique gold embossing powder along the edges.  Cartridges are Anna's Christmas Card and Embellishments for the red swirls, and Anna's Winter Wonderland for the Believe.  Just 2 hours left in the challenge, and a page is done.


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